TV Screenplay Festival/Contest Review: Submitting your TV PILOT

Today we like to talk about our TV PILOT Contest. Whenever we perform a TV PILOT at our festival, it tends to always be the actors favorite thing to do. It’s a set up to future possibilities, plots, and character developments, and actors seem to relish taking on roles like this – where it’s not ending and the future is unknown.

Writing a really strong Television Pilot is one of the toughest things to do because you need to engage the audience right from the start, but also make sure you leave room for future plots and situations to occur.

WATCH recent TV PILOT readings performed at our festival:

As of this writing, we just performed an excellent TV SITCOM PILOT that should be up and online in a few days.

If you’re interested in submitting your TV PILOT to the festival, the next deadline is in 2 days: Friday October 31st. You can go here and submit:

You will receive full feedback on your script, plus hopefully have it performed at our festival using professional actors.

You can read testimonials and interviews on the MovieBytes website from past people who have submitted:

Or read testimonials from the WILDsound site:

Here’s some recent comments from recent submitters:

That you immensely for these invaluable notes, WILDsound. Looking forward to submitting “Perfect Match” again in the future.
– Jeremy Ferdman
Perfect Match, TV PILOT

Thank you for the feedback. Grammar is always something that I struggle with, and thank you for the pointers on focusing on the visual rather than the reader detail.
– Nathan Cary
Inside The Pipe, TV PILOT

Thank you so much! Great feedback, so valuable!!
– Anne Eston
Health Care, TV PILOT

Oh wow. Not only did I enjoy and appreciate your feedback, it meant a great great deal to me – it’s been a while since anyone has taken the time to look at my work in such a detailed way and I find it deeply encouraging. Thank you!
– Dan Heching
Girls, TV Spec

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