Today’s Feature Screenplay Loglines and Story Pitches

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– There’s even an option to have a video made for the logline and have it performed. Submit loglines for any story and genre.

Read Today’s Feature Screenplay Loglines:

Title: Pray for Broadway
Written by: Christopher Means
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Type: Feature Script

Title: Heart Cooks Brain
Written by: Phil Borg
Genre: Action
Type: Feature Script

Title: Tomorrow’s A New Day
Written by: Alexandra Watson
Genre: Western
Type: Feature Script

Title: Adventus
Written by: Leaveil Ricketts
Genre: Sci-Fi
Type: Feature Script

Title: Delivering Bad News
Written by: Frank Robertson
Genre: Comedy
Type: Feature Script

Title: First Person Player
Written by: Scott Noble and Jake Mays
Genre: Comedy
Type: Feature Script

Title: Code Name: Pandora
Written by: Charles Cooper
Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure
Type: Feature Script

Title: Possession
Written by: Dan Fitzgerald
Genre: Romantic Drama
Type: Feature Script

Title: Common Blood
Written by: J. Alan Hostetter
Genre: Drama
Type: Feature Script

Title: It’s Not What It Looks Like
Written by: Frank Floyd
Genre: Comedy/Romantic Comedy/Coming Of Age
Type: Feature Screenplay

Title: Chinook
Written by: Dan Olrech & Hugh Potter
Genre: Coming of age drama.
Type: Feature Screenplay

    * * * *

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