I thought safer to be kind, Poetry by Hannan Aitlkaboud

Genre: Dark, War

I thought safer to be kind
by Hannan Aitlkaboud

Hate is the stitches loosening from the

Discarded toys- button eyes missing, limbs

Sprawled in a choreographed manner-

Indignant, dazed expressions as if pondering

their ill- fated stars whilst the next wave of

Cluster bombs shroud their convulsing corpses-

Gnashing their milk teeth in rage. Hate sits rather

Heavily in the stomach- starved of kindness like

A bloated African child. The ominous, toxic clouds

Lay low to blanket them and sing them to sleep

In a conspiratorial tone-

Emitted shrill cries silenced as

A flurry of frenzied white phosphorus loaded

Grenades greedily claims more lives; a cloying pungent

aroma of burning flesh as it eats through to

The bone. The town’s organs sprawled like

An abandoned jigsaw- gnawed and spat out as they

Throw another one of their tantrums! The feeble

Deeply furrowed in the earth by the feeble- minded;

No denser than depleted uranium. Absolved from

any blame. Crime. Guilt. I thought safer to be kind.

By WILDsound Festival

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