What a Wonderful World, Poetry by Pyja Jurid

Genre: People, Society, Life

What a Wonderful World
by Pyja Jurid

Do you ever feel sad and tired sometimes,
When there’s no one respect you even after all the things you had to go through,
Why do they keep treating you like you’re just a little piece of shit,
While you’ve been through hell trying to keep up with their bullshit.

Sometimes, you just want to strangle them to death,
Sometimes, you just want to tie and leave them on a fast train track,
Sometimes, you just want to smash their heads using the rock you’ve been kept all along,
Sometimes, you just want to burn and leave the hell out of that place,
In some other times, you just want to end your life.

In so many ways, they keep looking for you trying to keep you down,
In so many days, they keep blaming you for all the things that went down.

Why do they do this?
Why do they always keep trying to hold you back?
Why do they never see there’s a lot of other ways to live?
Why do they always want you to be there if they just want you to be dead?

Fuck it man, we’re all go through this,
Damn it man, we’ve all did this,
Hey love, don’t you ever want to be happy and to be loved,
So why in the hell do we keep punishing ourselves and the others.

Come on guys, stop blaming,
Come on friends, stop hating,
Come on people, stop judging.

Never been a fight when there’s only honour,
Never been a loss when there’s only trust,
Never been a war when there’s only love.

But that is life,
However we want to make it better,
There’s always struggles,
Whenever we want to strive up further,
There’s always hassles.

But remember baby,
Everything comes with a price,
Never lose your hope,
Never lose your faith,
Never ever you lose yourself.

Just keep on moving.


* * * * *
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