Barbie, Poetry by Hlox Da Rebel

Genre: Motivational

by Hlox Da Rebel

When Barbie is irrelevant,
Pick up your weapon,child;
You are not just a pretty face,
Even roses have thorns;
You are faced with a mask wearing world;
Peel off its mask and find its smile hidden somewhere in abandoned gold mines;
A stone is more precious than your life,they said;
So,I called you Pearl
In hope that this sick world would value your worth;
But it still thinks there are diamonds hidden between your thighs;
So it digs!
Finds nothing, but keeps on digging
For you look like a black diamond so there have to be some stones hidden in your blood;
But you are Pearl;
Raised under the mourning sun and sleeping moon;
Shooting stars turn the gun to themselves for your wishes are too big to materialise;
You are the wish that came true;
And even with a suicide vest wrapped around you,
Your heart still sings louder than those blasts;
Between pauses of gunshots I pray;
Have seen tattoos on God’s back
But never his face;
None is written your name;
I know your knees look like a battle ground;
And probably feel like Gaza on a normal day;
But know,
From the very same blood soaked soil,flowers still grow;
From this broken land ,
You will grow.

    * * * * *

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