Strong Man, by Patsy Jawo

Genre: People, Life

Strong Man
by Patsy Jawo

My strong man
Grief is here
The load heavy
Ready or not

Your soul asks
That to which
No answer exists
No man knows

Be strong they say
Be a man they say
But what is Strong?
And what is Man?

Man is Strong
Man is Weak
Strong yet Weak
Weak yet Strong

Strength is a flaw
As hardness cracks
Weakness a force
Softness toughens

Fear not weaknesses
Fear nothing at all
Strong men take courage
In their whole being

Strong men know they’re strong
Real men know they’re weak
When all’s said and done
Knowledge is power

The irony is this:
Your strength is your weakness
For it is displayed to all
Your weakness is your strength
For it is hidden from all

    * * * * *

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