The Tart, Poetry by N.B. Mpila

Genre: Love, Rhyme

The Tart

by N.B Mpila

Do you believe in love?
Then how come you be living (believing) lust?
Ever read James 1 verse 15 how lust easily gives birth to sin!?
Is that the song you want to sing?
Let those niggas play your broken heart trying to be a legend!
Building memories you cannot re-member
Like who broke your heart?
Who took your virginity?
Who loved you first?
Who lied at you first?
Or who fucked you last?
How many niggas had their dick penetrating your private part?
Is it still private or public?
Do you even cry?
Or pain is now sweet as music?
Let my questions remind you who you originally is
Before all this happened
Before you had no house
Before nobody cared
Before your 8th abortion
Before you lost a heart
Before you changed your name
Before you forgot to shine
Before you left to buy milk for a sick mother and never came back
Is you still lost?
Is you lost or is you still on vacation?
This goes to them prostitutes
Single little girls who have turned to sex slaves without getting a penny
But know exactly what a pen-is!

Now let me remind you
Somebody still loves you
Somebody is waiting for you
Somewhere is a home for you
Someone is praying for you
Whilst someone is playing with you
Whilst someone is fucking with you
Whilst someone cums at you
Whilst someone rapes and beats you
Do you feel the pain?
I know theres no pain no gain
But do you want to go there again?

After all that I have said?
I know it might make no sense but it could be the aid.
Have you ever been loved?
Or are you just trying your luck with me?
Thinking you got stuck with me
Oh no you’re just afraid to leave!
I know you’re afraid of me!
You don’t know what you want from me!
You just wanna fuck with me!
Yet you keep saying you’re inlove with me!
No you aint!
I’ve tasted your love is taint!

    * * * * *

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  1. The Tart poetry grabbed me, dragged me to the inside of the young womans mind. Took me reluctantly behind her eyes and made me question, how many girls, women, boys or men get dragged into the slime that wants to suffocate them. How many know when something good is there for the taking. Would they recognise it? After all the filth they have endured. Thank you N.B.Mpila


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