DEADLINE Today: SHORT Screenplay Contest Festival. SAVE $10

DEADLINE Today: SHORT Screenplay Contest Festival.SAVE $10 – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at festival (winner every month)

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Read Recent Testimonials about the Short Screenplay Festival:

– Get FULL FEEDBACK on your script. Winners get their script performed by professional actors at the Writing Festival!

Watch Recent Short Screenplay Winners: 

Read recent testimonials:

Thanks so much for the great feedback. I will closely review the notes and when the next draft is done I’ll resubmit.
– Fernando Noor
Under-Terrestrial, Short Script

Thanks again! I have learned quite a bit from the feedback.
– David Brichetto
The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Short Script

Thank you! I find your comments extremely helpful and I look forward to a re-write and resubmission.
– Taylor Albertson
29.0, Short Screenplay

Thank you for the feedback – it is very detailed and useful. This will be something I work on again and hopefully re-submit, taking in the points you have high-lighted.
– Debbie Watkins Live
Bank Raid, Short Script

Terrific–shrewd and wise–responses. Thank you.
– Robey Wilson
Pillow, Short Script

I agree with your feedback. I think part of what I was thinking subconsciously was that I’m primarily an actor, and I study with a lot of really talented people, and I know we could make this into a short film and they would be able to improv some really clever dialogue into the movie. I know for the purposes of what you’re doing that’s not a good idea.
– Ed Wasser
On the Lam, Short Script

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