Today’s TIFF Reviews: September 14, 2016

Read the best of reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: (re) ASSIGNMENT (USA/Canada/France 2016) ***

From Walter Hill, the director of classics like 48 HOURS, THE LONG RIDERS and THE WARRIORS, (re) ASSIGNMENT is a revenge action thriller with a difference. Michelle Rodriguez plays a lowlife killer put through full male-to-female gender reassignment surgery by a score-settling surgeon (Sigourney Weaver).

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: RAW (France/Belgium 2016) ***

As a first time director of a horror feature, Julia Ducournau gets her facts straight. At the introduction of RAW at TIFF Midnight Madness, she told a full house that when she asked a fellow filmmaker about Toronto audiences, she had been told which she did repeat, to huge cheers, that Toronto has the best audience in the world.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: CITY OF TINY LIGHTS (UK 2016)

The city referred to in the title is London. And Travis’ moody film about a brooding detective is a film noir set in this city.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: FOREVER PURE (Israel/UK/Norway/Ireland 2016) ***

Sometimes you have to show that racism wins in order to put it down. Zinshtein’s controversial documentary does just that. The audience will be disgusted at how the Israeli Beiter football club got its way.

TIFF 2016 Movie Review: UNLESS (Canada/Ireland 2016) ***

Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener and Hannah Gross star in this adaptation of the final novel by the late, great Canadian novelist Carol Shields, about a writer who discovers her runaway daughter panhandling on the street and seemingly deprived of speech.













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