Sand … An Interesting Thing, Poetry by Lizzie Heart

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, Society, Nature

Sand … An Interesting Thing
by Lizzie Heart

  • Middle of July
    Sun high in the sky
    Sweltering rays
    Melting me away
    Alright! I’m done
    Time for some fun
    Let’s head to the beach
  • Ocean wind in my hair
    Calming fresh air
    Soft ocean mist
    A girl could get used to this

    Walking along the coast line
    Admiring all that today is mine
    Stopping to go further in
    Letting the waves call me home to them

    Curling my toes in the cold, wet sand
    Waves tugging at my legs
    My toes holding where I stand
    It tickles, it tingles the sand moving all around
    As I sink deeper and deeper into the ground

    Sand is so infinitely small
    Yet soft enough to catch me when I fall
    Not so easy to hold just one single piece
    My mind starts to wonder how this sand became surrounded around…

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