Deadlines Today: Holiday Writing Festival – Screenplays & Novels

Just wanted to let you know about the upcoming Holiday Writing Festival
deadlines. Save 30% to 50% off the regular submissions.

Garner FULL FEEDBACK from the industry on your screenplay or novel. Get
your full screenplay or best scene performed. Get a transcript of your
novel performed.

In 2016 alone, the Writing Festival performed 18 winning feature
screenplays. 19 winning TV pilots. 13 TV specs from existing shows. 31
1st scene screenplays. 101 short screenplays. 54 best scene readings. 12
fan fiction screenplays. 4 stageplays. 66 short stories. 34 novel
transcript readings. Overall, we performed 354 original stories from 348
writers. An amazing year! And we plan on doing more in 2017! So please
submit your stories and screenplays to the festival.

Deadline: FEATURE and SHORT Screenplay Festival  –

Deadline: TV PILOT/SPEC Script Festival –

Deadline: NOVEL Festival. Full, 1st chapter, or transcript reading.

Deadline: 1pg. short screenplay festival. (guarantee winner)

Deadline: 1pg. short story festival. (guarantee winner)

FREE Poetry Festival. Submit your poetry and we’ll post it on our
popular blog for free:

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