A Novelist’s Nightmare: Revision

It doesn’t matter if you write short stories, novels, poetry, or blog posts…if you’re a writer, one single word makes you place your head in your hands and groan: Revision.

You’ve written your manuscript, and now it’s time to get it ready for publication. If you have an agent, great! They’ll help you along the process and get your piece polished and ready for publishers.

If, like the rest of us, you’re still searching for representation, the revision stage can be daunting.

Where do you begin? When is enough…well…enough?

There are stages.

*Deep, Star Trek narrator voice* In the beginning…*back to me* of my writing endeavors, I couldn’t write more than a chapter at a time before hungrily re-reading my work.

I analyzed, I spell-checked, I re-worded, and re-wrote as I went without allowing a ‘resting’ period.

Like a good steak, you need to allow your manuscript to rest, giving…

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