February 2018: FilmFreeway Testimonials from Filmmakers & Screenwriters

Festival Reviews

Read 18 testimonials this month given by award winning filmmakers and screenwriters. How this submission platform has helped out their career and work:

11 Filmmaker Testimonials:

Interview with directors Natalie Neagle & Sally Samad (TOO SOON?)
Interview with directors Natalie Neagle & Sally Samad (TOO SOON?)

It’s a fast and easy way to enter international film festivals and we only have positive feedback for, and experiences with, FilmFreeway.

Interview with director Gonzalo Cotelo (MAMMA)
Interview with director Gonzalo Cotelo (MAMMA)

It is indeed very useful, particularly now with the number of films being made and film festivals being held everywhere across the world. The structure and layout of the website simplifies the whole process.

Interview with director Jelle Bleyenbergh (THE FLOW)

It’s such a handy platform, with an easy search function and a clear overview of your film details. I can’t think of a better nor faster way to spread your…

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