February 2018 – Read the best of NEW POETRY from around the world:

WILDsound Festival

Scroll through and read the best poetry from around the word:

Read Poetry: Magic, by Benjamin Bauda

BARDSONG I, by Adam Callahn
Read Poetry: Bardsong I, by Adam Callahan

A LOVE, by Nermin Delic
A LOVE POEM, by Nermin Delić

HOPE AND FEAR, by Jean Demello
Read Poetry: Hope and Fear, by Jean DeMello

FIRE, by Ruth Clark
Read Poetry: FIRE, by Ruth Clark

POEM BY 78Poet
Read Poetry: Poem, by 78Poet

TEARS FOR YOU, by KG Petrone
Read Poetry: TEARS FOR YOU…, by KG Petrone

FRAGMENTS, by Pam Sears
Read Poetry: Fragments, by Pam Sears

Read Poetry: The Struggle, by RJ Britten

PAIN IS MY ANCHOR, by Anonymous
Read Poetry: Pain is my anchor, by anonymous.

HATE GROUPS, by Gladys W. Muturi
Read Poetry: Hate Groups by Gladys W. Muturi

WONDERFUL, by J.S.T. Louise
Read Poetry: Wonderful, by J.S.T Louise

LOVE MAYS, by Puneet Sangwani
Read Poetry: Love (Maya), by Puneet Sangwani


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