Short Films in May 2018 – Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos for all 31 films.

A showcase of 31 short films in total from four festivals in Los Angeles & Toronto for May 2018

festival posterBREAK ROOM, 15min., Canada, Action/Drama

festival poster9 SECONDS, 18min., USA, Action/Sci-Fi

festival posterTUESDAY 10:08AM, 13min., Canada, Crime/Mystery

festival posterPREY, 13min., UK, Thriller/Horror

festival posterCHERI, 6min., France, Thriller/Suspense

festival posterCONSURGO, 12min., USA, Thriller/Suspense

festival posterCROSSROADS, 12min, USA, Thriller/Drama

festival posterNAMCAR NIGHT RACE, 17min., USA, Comedy/Mockumentary

festival poster(A) UTOMATED (I)IRRITATION, 6min., USA, Comedy/Sci-Fi

festival posterSAM THE HAM, 1min., USA, Animation/Comedy

festival posterWHEN COMES THE RAIN, 2min., USA, Animation/Comedy

festival posterTHE FINAL SHOW, 9min., USA, Comedy/Romance

festival posterPENTHOUSE SWEET, 9min., USA, Comedy/Drama

festival posterROSIE, OH, 8min, USA, Experimental/Family

festival posterTHE BUS TRIP, 13min., Sweden, Animation

festival posterAFTER LOVE, 6min., Hungary, Experimental/Romance

festival posterMARY & MARSHA IN THE MANOR OF MADNESS, 3min., USA, Animation

festival posterHANDS, 6min., UK, Experimental/Dance

festival posterPROJECT 1948, 13min., Bosnia, Documentary

festival posterREMAND, 40min., Uganda, Documentary

festival posterTHE UNDERGROUND ARTIST, USA, 3min., Documentary

festival posterMOTHERS & METHADONE, 11min, Canada, Documentary

festival posterWILDLAND, 25min., USA, Documentary

festival posterTHE FLOWER GATE, 15min., Israel, Fantasy

festival posterRENDEZ-VOUS, 2min., Canada, Fantasy

festival posterPHARMA LAB TRAINING VIDEO: 1, 9min., USA, Fantasy

festival posterTRUMPETS IN THE SKY, 12min., Belguim, Sci-Fi

festival posterMETTA VIA, 12min., Canada, Sci-Fi

festival posterTHE SUPER RECOGNISER, 11min., UK, Sci-Fi

festival posterSOLUK (BREATH), 5min., Turkey, Sci-Fi

festival posterAFTER WE HAVE LEFT OUR HOMES, 8min., UK, Sci-Fi

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