Interview with Winning Screenwriter Lukas Hassel (GALAPAGOS)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

1. What is your TV Pilot screenplay about?

What happens inside and outside Station Galápagos is a harsh examination of the things we don’t understand and the things we refuse to understand; the leaps of faith we take; the tough choices we are forced to make; and the fine points that can make our existence worthwhile.

It tries to answer the question: is hope for good or for bad?

2. Why should this screenplay be made into a TV show?

This show contains a darkness I have not yet seen on TV. This will not be about sfx and pretty people, but real conflicts and characters in extreme situations. Galápagos would be able to shine a light on a future that could very well become a reality.

3. How would you describe this script in two words?

Dark. Uncompromising.

4. What TV show do you keep watching over and over…

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