Teleplay Script Movie: EPS: Emergency Psychiatric Service

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Written by Holly Scarabosio, Christopher Carson Emmons, Michael Miceli

Created by Holly Scarabosio

Editor & Visual Design by Kimberly Villarruel

Voice Over Actors:

Matt Barnes
Kierston Drier
Allison Kampf
Shepsut Wilson
Danielle Nicole

Produced by Matthew Toffolo

Pilot “NORMAL”

Psychiatric nurse Helena moves from Milwaukee to San Francisco to take a new job — accompanied by her fiancé Jake. They plan to start a new life together — she as a psychiatric nurse at a prominent EPS—Emergency Psychiatric Services; he as a computer tech and would-be writer.

Plans don’t always work out.

Helena, a vivacious, daring, go-getter, is thrown into the EPS in dramatic fashion. There is one patient, Samantha, a young, sexually abused woman, who captivates Helena’s consciousness.

Helena quickly establishes herself. She and her head nurse, Pearl, understand and appreciate each other. Helena finds people she can rely on and those that she has…

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