Interview with Screenwriter Ellen Winburn (WORTH WAITING FOR)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Matthew Toffolo: What is your screenplay about?

Ellen Winburn: Ryan, a Hollywood action star, makes an “art film” that turns out to not only be bad, but borderline pornographic. His agent and lawyers sort it out as he hides out in New York, working on a low budget revival of “Streetcar Named Desire”. The show’s designer, Ellie, is practically working for free. Her former mentor, Frank, stole her designs then discredited her, and now she’s got this one chance to overcome the reputation he’s inflicted on her. Ellie’s friend Mary Beth decides Ryan is just what Ellie needs. Ellie has been saving herself for her one true love, which Mary Beth thinks is silly. But really, who could resist a handsome action star? Ellie can, apparently, much to Mary Beth’s frustration. But what does grow is a strong friendship that later starts to bloom into love, until Frank learns of…

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