Director Biography – Sascha Karner (SEASAPIEN)


B863ee7550 headshot

Sascha is a DIY filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. Sascha originally aspired to be a researcher but he discovered his ambitions were more science fiction than science and were better suited for a career in cinema. Against his parent’s wishes, he studied Film and Television at Swinburne University, graduating top of his class.
Sascha currently works as a creative producer for an online educational video platform. His educational content has been recognised with multiple awards and has been broadcast on free to air television in Australia.
Sascha is currently producing his first feature film, a found footage homeless Noir called CCTV Nasty.

Director Statement

SeaSapien started with a bet.

As a filmmaker, I’ve always had difficulty overcoming procrastination on projects where I’m only accountable to myself. Despite my curiosity and eagerness to learn, I had indefinitely deferred the leap into 3D graphics. Between work and life, I just never had the…

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