Short Script: ANNIVERSARY, by Carolin Glomp

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Ben has already prepared an exquisite anniversary dinner, when his pregnant girlfriend Anna arrives back home, late.
As the news on the radio report a severe hit-and-run accident, leading to a man’s death, Anna turns hysterical. First, Ben connects her behaviour to her pregnancy until he realizes: Anna has caused the hit-and-run accident.
Ben wants Anna to continue to remain silent about it, worrying about the consequences. Anna now sees her own initial reaction reflected in Ben and starts doubting it. They discuss back and forth. Eventually Ben leaves the room and secretly adjusts the seat and mirrors in their car. When he comes back to see Anna, the sound of sirens gets louder and Anna realizes: Ben had turned himself in to the police.

Writer Biography – Carolin Glomp

8ca91497f6 headshot

Carolin Glomp is a newcomer screenwriter and director from Germany.
Currently, Carolin works as a freelancer (e.g. assistant director or…

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