Read Poem: BLOOD AND SAND, by Jacob Black

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Poem by: Jacob Black, Genre: Historical Fiction.


I and my tribe were from the land of Gaul,

but on account of the Romans, my people did fall.

They took our children, our old and sold them as slaves,

They raped all of our wives and then they put them in graves.

I tried to defend my wife with all of my might, but the Romans fought dirty, they never fought a fair fight.

They crowded me and then knocked me out before I had a chance to finish the bout.

I woke up in a rusty cage, and in my heart, I felt nothing but rage.

I yelled and screamed to be let out of my hold until I found out that I was sold.

I was bought and brought to the Colosseum In Rome, It’s foundations built upon blood and bone.

They pushed me into the…

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