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THE WORLD TO MY DAUGHTER – Josefine Ezinga van Asdonk


THE LARK – Katarina Krstic


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CHAPTER BREAK, 11min., Iceland, Drama
Directed by Erna Soffia
A young woman living an uneventful life goes clubbing with her best girlfriend. She meets a young man who seems to be the whole package — he’s polite, funny, handsome. He just might be the one and only? Or is he…?

THE WORLD TO MY DAUGHTER, 13min,. Netherlands, Drama
Directed by Josefine Ezinga van Asdonk
In 2020, the world will change forever due to the Corona pandemic. Olivia and her father are staying at home together during the lockdown. Her mother works as a doctor in the ICU and her father Fons is in the middle of a financial crisis. Fons has to take care of his daughter alone for the time being, while his own company is on the verge of collapse. Olivia is seven years old and finds every day that her world is changing more and more and getting lonely. Because she now spends so much time with Fons, the bond between father and daughter grows stronger every day.

THE LARK, 30min., Serbia, Coming of Age
Directed by Katarina Krstic
Iva (19) moves from her cosy home to a bustling Belgrade, where she finds her apartment in ruins. The first thing she sees after arriving is her childhood crush Vuk. That encounter gives her a painful headache and invokes blurry memories of repressed childhood trauma. Left to herself, the first time without her mother’s support, she starts testing the boundaries of freedom. Met with new challenges, she must accept newlyfound aspects of womanhood, and her past, so she can move on to a new life.

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