Weekly Virtual Film Festival

WATCH the AUGUST 11TH FESTIVAL for FREE:  8pm EST (5pm on the West Coast.).

Virtual Film Festival, Sponsored by Yonge/Dundas Square.

Featuring the BEST ACTION/CRIME/THRILLER Short Films from around the world today:


JANUARY 14TH, 15min., USA, Drama/Crime | Directed by La’Chris Jordan

A young couple’s anniversary takes a bittersweet turn when a police officer pulls the husband over on a questionable traffic stop. Inspired by true events.

THE BODY, 12min., Australia, Crime/Comedy | Directed by Adam Weber

A hit man and his potential protege are tasked with burying a body in the countryside but the seemingly simple job takes an unexpected turn.

THE EMPIRE’S SURGEON, 9min., Switzerland, Action/War | Directed by Guillaume Main

1815 Waterloo, whilst the soldiers of the Emperor Napoleon fight with desperation, a man braves all danger to come to their aid with an ambulance. On this very day, too close to the enemy lines, Dominique Larrey rides towards his destiny and posterity…

JUICY GIRL, 15min., USA, Crime/Drama | Directed by MJ KIM

‘Juicy Girl’ is based on events surrounding the murders of several of the many Korean women committed by US Army personnel since the Korean War of the 1950’s.

AGHATIT/UNBECOMING, 19min., India, Crime/Drama | Directed by AMRITANSHU

After the death of her mother, Aashi falls victim to her megalomaniac father. She suffers intense abuse and violence at his hands in silence. But, Aashi has a little secret. Late in the night she talks to her dead mother, Bahni. While Shashi’s business is slipping through his hands, the situation in the house is more volatile for Aashi as the beatings get more rampant and extreme.

DOWN DELORO RIVER, 13min., Canada, Action/Crime | Directed by Josh Wood

On the run after looting a prospector, William makes his way down a river to Deloro, Ontario where a man will trade gold for cash. After taking cover in this mysterious man’s cabin, William soon realizes he isn’t so much interested in his gold, but something much more valuable.

AQUARIUM, 15min., Italy, Crime/Thriller | Directed by Juri Fantigrossi

The day of two very different humans collide: the first, a carefree swimmer at a community pool, and the second, the dramatic final step of a massacre’s plan.


LIVING IN CRIME ALLEY, 8min., USA, Fan Fiction | Directed by Rob Ayling

A single father struggles to bring up his child, a huge fan of the dark knight, in downtown Gotham, known to citizens as Crime Alley.

THE CONFESSIONS OF THE BAT, 10min., UK, Fan Fiction | Directed by Ronnie Henry

It is the anniversary of the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, and Bruce has serious doubts about his calling.

Weekly Film Festival in Toronto & Los Angeles. Weekly screenplay & story readings performed by professional actors.

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