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WATCH the next festival TONIGHT – Saturday September 19th for FREE; 8pm EST (5pm on the West Coast.), with a 7pm start pre-show.

Featuring the BEST DOCUMENTARY Short Films from around the world today:


Welcome to WILDsound’s Weekly Festival. Every Saturday night 8pm EST/5pm PST. Showcasing the best new films in the world today. Virtual events will always be FREE. Enjoy the show and come back next week.

Here is the program of films. 

SPACE TORAH, 24min., USA, Documentary
In 1996, NASA astronaut Dr. Jeff Hoffman brought a small Torah scroll on board Space Shuttle Columbia. On Shabbat, while orbiting Earth, he read from the book of Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Several photographers capture the struggles—and the resilience—of Italy’s response to the covid-19 outbreak.

TORONTO UNDER QUARANTINE, 5min., Canada, Documentary
Scenes in and around Toronto captured during the various phases of COVID-19 lockdown. The videos were captured over a span of 3 months starting from the complete lockdown where the city of Toronto, a major tourist destination, commercial intersection, and entertainment hub looked virtually empty till the gradual reopening of Stage-1 and Stage-2.

ART AT THE EDGE, 15min., USA, Documentary
Nicole, a Chilean interdisciplinary sound artist, explores of CERN, the largest lab in the world studying the breakdown of matter. A meditation on her journey in the unexpected union of art and science.

NEXT STOP, 7min,. Portugal, Documentary
In the heart of Lisbon, a small abandoned district, wedged between the Tagus and the railway, passes through two parallel movements. The end of the lives of a few lonely old people living there and the new luxury buildings growing up overlooking the Tagus. Old women used to come to a small café in this district and tell me some discreet fragments of their lives.

NINE, 8min., USA, Documentary
A history of the one of the first Women’s Crew teams to petition for the right to organize in 1973, after the passage of TITLE 9. This is their story.

MOTHERLOVE, 3min., UK, Documentary
Five mums, all active members of the human rights organisation Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (FFLAG), explore their love for their LGBT children and their own journeys towards activism and support for equal rights.

KIM, 8min., USA, Documentary
Kimberly D. Landle is a professional ballerina based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After enduring an abusive relationship, Kimberly made it her mission to use her voice to raise awareness about domestic abuse. She launched a contemporary ballet company and uses her platform and performances to advocate for women and survivors of abuse.

LIKE A WOMAN, 40min., USA, Documentary
Stories about women who are breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated professions.

Weekly Film Festival in Toronto & Los Angeles. Weekly screenplay & story readings performed by professional actors.

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