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2015 Novel Festival Winners

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Read the best of NEW Novel Loglines and Story Pitches from around the world:


Read the best of NEW Novel Loglines and Story Pitches from around the world:


Written by: Sushil Rauthan

Type: Novel

Genre: Drama, Political


Title: Secrets & Lies in El Salvador…

Written by: Sherrie Miranda

Type: Novel

Genre: History, Adventure


Title: Bed of Thornes…

Written by: Angel L. Woodz

Type: Novel

Genre: Erotic / Steamy / Raw Romance with climax of plots and deep story line of characters.


Title: Bad Elements: Blood for Blood…

Written by: Lynn Mullican

Type: Novel

Genre: Action, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy, Adventure


Title: Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)…

Written by: Ram Gulrajani

Type: Novel

Genre: Crime Thriller


Title: The Maverick Effect…

Written by: George Verdolaga

Type: Novel

Genre: Inspirational guide


Title: Up and In…

Written by: Deborah Disney

Type: Novel

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction


Title: Christmasville (Book I of the Christmasville Trilogy)…

Written by: Michael Dutton

Type: Novel

Genre: Magical Realism, Mainstream, Holiday, Family, Adventure.


Title: Outback Promise…

Written by: Maggie Bolitho

Type: Novel

Genre: Adventure, Drama.


Title: Into Autumn…

Written by: Larry Landgraf

Type: Novel

Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival, Fiction


Title: Come and Take It – Search for the Treasure of the Alamo…

Written by: Landon Wallace

Type: Novel

Genre: Biography. Drama. Adventure.


Title: The Lion, the Legend and the Coal Miner’s Daughter…

Written by: Anne Mayhew

Type: Novel

Genre: Biography. Drama.




FANTASY NOVELS. Read over 120 pitches and loglines

Stories involving the supernatural, paranormal, monsters, creatures, witches etc.. have been a part of humankind long before printed literature. They started in the art of the spoken word 1000s of years ago and have evolved into the mass consumption of what they are today.

Fantasy literature emerged in the Victorian times with works of Mary Shelley, William Morris and George MacDonald. Then it was popularized in the entire world with the major influence of J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit (1937)” and “The Lord of the Rings (1954-55)” which opened the doors to the modern fantasy novels of today.

Fantasy gives the writer the freedom of expression where they have the ability to use any story-telling element to strengthen the narrative. They “worldbuild” their story as they can create any setting and situation they desire. It gives the writer a lot of freedom of expression and it can become a great escape for the readers to delve into these mystical lands.

    Read over 120 Fantasy loglines and pitches from emerging writers:

    Example of a Fantasy Logline:

    Title: JACK POTOLO (Trilogy)

    Written by: Lucy Boutaleb

    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy,

    Type: NOVEL

    LOGLINE: “Jack POTOLO” is a YA Fantasy Adventure in which young Potolo is entrusted to embark on a quest to discover the final evidence of an ancient extra-terrestrial visitation connected to the Dogon’s incredible esoteric knowledge of cosmology with extraordinary consequences.

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