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Writing Festival Deadlines June 5th (TODAY): Action/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screenplay, 1st Scene Screenplay, Reality TV Treatment, Mystery Novel Festival

Deadline June 5th: SAVE $10 ACTION Screenplay Festival – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at festival

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Deadline June 5th: SAVE $10 SCI-FI/FANTASY Screenplay Festival – FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed at festival

Submit your script or story to the festival today. Full Feedback. Get your story performed at the festival.

Watch WINNING Writing Festival Performances – Watch videos of past winners performed by professional actors

READ 100s of testimonials for past submitters –

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Submit your Mystery Book and Save $70. Get your novel performed at festival by professional actors. FULL FEEDBACK

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Deadline June 5th: FIRST SCENE (first 10pgs) SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL Get it performed at the festival. Full feedback

– Submit the first stages of your film, get it performed at the festival, and get full feedback!

WATCH past 1st Scene Festival readings:

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Submit your TV show pitch and have it performed at festival.

Reality Television Series are not going anywhere. In fact, because of all the new channels out there on television and on the internet, producers and agents are looking for a great idea and treatment outline of a reality show. This is your chance to get it out there and for them to see it.

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Deadline June 5th: FEATURE SCREENPLAY Presentation
Submit your feature script and we’ll perform it with professional actors

All entries will have their feature script performed by professional actors. Full reading.