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Science fiction on television. Read over 30 Sci-Fi TV Logline Pitches

The birth of Sci-Fi Television programs started with kids shows during the 1940s. Suspending disbelief was easy for kids, but not so for (most) adults as executing space and gadgets wasn’t as easy then as it is today. Then a little show called Star Trek, the most famous Science Fiction show in history, aired in the 1960s on prime-time television and the birth of this highly popular and successful genre began.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. A show like Star Trek cost over $100,000 per episode, which at the time was the most expensive show on the television airwaves. So the TV studios needed to really believe in a show like this in order to invest in the pilot and subsequent episodes. Other genres like a straight up comedy or court room drama for example were a lot cheaper and didn’t require any “special effects”.

The same can be said even today. Sci-Fi shows have the potential for a huge audience, if only they are solid because this is a fan base that can be very fickle at times. So for every monster hit like The X-Files, you have 20 that didn’t make it past season two.

In the big screen, Sci-Fi films have dominated the box office in 2014, with films like Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy. But on television the interest has seemed to die down a bit as fantasy and horror fringe genres have taken more of a front seat. But that will soon change, especially with the advances of digital imagery and the potential for amazing visual effects without the expensive budget it used to have.

So here’s a list of over 30 Sci-Fi TV Logline Pitches for you to read:


– Matthew Toffolo

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