BEST SCENE from POUND FOR POUND, TV Pilot by Travis Hodgkins

WILDsound TV PILOT Festival Review Testimonial.

Presenting the best scene from the TV Pilot script POUND FOR POUND by Travis Hodgkins. A WILDsound Winning Performance.

Watch the scene now:

Watch Best Scene From Act V Of The One-Hour Pilot
Between Cesar Lacosta and Robert Taylor

Narrator: Frances Stecyk
Robert: Neil Bennett
Cesar: Gabriel Darku

Read more about the writer here:

Transcription from the interview:

1. What is your TV PILOT SCRIPT about?

POUND FOR POUND is a drama television series about three teenage boxers in Los Angeles who train together and eventually compete in the 1924 Olympics. It begins in 1922 as ROBERT TAYLOR (40s), the boxing coach at the Griffon Athletic Club, begins recruiting amateur boxers to train for the Olympic tryouts. CESAR LACOSTA (16), a handsome Italian-American, is his first recruit. Cesar’s father is a failed pro-boxer and now drunkard trying to fulfill his dreams of boxing glory through Cesar. Although Cesar is undeniably a very gifted boxer, he secretly wants to give it up to go to college, but when Coach Taylor offers to train him, he begins to realize that boxing has more to offer than what his father envisioned. ABE SALAZAR (16), a tall and lanky Mexican-American, is a “real puncher” with a heavy right hand. Despite being viciously violent in the ring, he comes from a large, supportive family and is the peace-keeper amongst his friends. JOHNNY BARNES (14) is determined to be the best boxer and will do anything to win even if it means fighting dirty. He is both ashamed and proud of being Jewish-a struggle that isn’t helped by his parents prohibiting him from boxing.

The series centers around the relationships between the boxers and Coach Taylor, a positive male role model, who teaches them to be men through the lessons of boxing as they struggle to define their identities. The series is set against the backdrop of Los Angeles in the early 1920s as it was beginning to boom with movie stars, as well as the racial and religious bigotry that permeated the era.

10. What influenced you to enter the WILDsound Script Contest?

The affordable and quick feedback. Not only do I get an unbiased, honest opinion about my work from WILDsound, but it’s always clear that the reader actually read my script and understands what I’m trying to do. The combination of the two is rare and well worth the price. After my first submission, I’ve continued to use WILDsound for not just scripts but other writings too.

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