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The crime genre often overlaps with other genres. For example:

The Crime Thriller – In which the central character is involved in the crime itself.

The Crime Comedy – Funny moments come from the incompetence of the criminals

Film Noir – Popular genre in the 1940s and 50s usually consists of a mystery that a detective needs to solve.

Heist Films – A group of criminals band together to form a heist or robbery.

Legal Dramas – Concerns the trial that occurs after the crime took place.

Mob Films – Films that take place in the underground of organized crime.

Police Procedural – Mainstay crime film that takes place from the point of view of the police force.

When clicking on the link you can read over 200 loglines of upcoming movies that will play at a theater near you.

You can also watch some Crime Video Pitches, including:


Please enjoy.

– Matthew Toffolo, WILDsound

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