Poetry Writer Natalie Jovanic

I wanted to bring my message to a different audience, and I was curious how my poems would sound if they were interpreted by a professional actor.

– Natalie Jovanic, on why she submitted to WILDsound (review)

WILDsound just performed three poems by Natalie Jovaniic. Watch them now:




    Poem read by actor Frances Stecyk

    Submit your own poetry to the festival and we’ll have it performed:

Q&A with Natalie:

MT: What is the theme of your poem?

Natalie: My poems are about love and relationships, and I hope that they support people in creating relationships that are free of violence and judgement.

MT: How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

Natalie: That’s difficult to say because each person will relate to the poems in a different way. I’d be very grateful if my poems gave people hope and inspiration.

MT: Do you have a favorite poet?

Natalie: I love Rumi.

MT: How long have you been writing poetry?

Natalie: I never had the intention to write poetry. It just happened. Two years ago, I started to express my ideas in poetry. It took me a year until I dared to share it with other people and they encouraged me to publish them.

MT: Do you write other works? Scripts? Short Stories? Etc…?

Natalie: I have a blog and write healing stories. I also wrote a memoir, A Brave, True Story, which is available on amazon.com and amazon.ca.

MT: What is your passion in life?

Natalie: My passion is to help people heal and create loving and nurturing relationships that are free of violence and judgement.

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