Watch Video Pitch for REDEEMING GRACE, TV PILOT by WL (Bud) Gorman

    Watch the Video Pitch Logline for the Novel:

Get to know Writer WL (Bud) Gorman:

1) What makes your story unique and also engaging?

The characters in this story are mercenaries. Some fit the image of ruthless guns-for-hire, but others, including the main character, are principled, morally responsible while possessed of a troubled path that led them to their current situations. As well, the idea of a fractured Canada trying to re-establish itself as a nation under very trying circumstances opens the door to many interesting political and personal conflicts.

2) Why does the world need to know about your story?

The world needs to know that we don’t live on a secure planet. Given the animus of many deranged and violent elements world-wide, people need to be reminded that their lives can be changed in an instant and that “new normal” ways of life are entirely possible.

3) What type of music do you see in your story if it was made into a movie?

Most types of music can serve as the soundtrack; however, my preferences are classical rock, hard rock, folk rock and classical. (Van Morrison’s “Soldier of Fortune” would make a great theme song).

4) What film have you seen the most in your life?

The Godfather (1 and 2) and Same Time Next Year.

5) What artists would you love to work with?

Clint Eastwood, Aaron Sorkin, Sarah Polley, Paul Gross, Brian Wilson, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Haggis, Van Morrison, James Brooks, Julian Fellows, David Cronenburg, Maggie Smith, Ellen Burstyn, ………...

6) Other than writing and movies, what else are you passionate about?

Music, Reading, Chinese Brush Painting, Tying Flies (fishing), Watch Repair, (… my wife!).

7) Do you have a set writing routine?

I’ll write whenever I find the time, but my preferences are early-to-late morning.

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