Watch Video Pitch for LIVING IN BRIGHT SHADOWS, Novel by Jean Gilhead

    Watch the Video Pitch Logline for the Novel:

Get to know the writer Jean Gilhead:

1) What makes your story unique and also engaging?

As one reviewer put it:

“Although on the lean side, it’s incredibly clever and powerful and the characters practically River Dance off the page. It is fascinating to observe the way that the knock on effects of domestic violence – and the fear of its victims – filtered down through the generations.

The story also has so much magic in it when you think about how close our ties really are, and the whole Five Degrees of Separation thing…”

2) Why does the world need to know about your story?

It covers several taboo aspects of life – incest, child abuse, domestic abuse, stillbirth, depression, PTSD… (it also has it’s light moments too!) but if it can help shine a light on these difficult issues and their generational ramifications, I feel my job is done.

3) What type of music do you see in your story if it was made into a movie?

Due to the eclectic nature of the different chapters, it would have to be music that can move from drama to pathos to humor, etc.

4) What film have you seen the most in your life?

I love most types of film, but they need to have human elements of quality… compassion, humor, drama, intrigue, love, companionship…

5) What artists would you love to work with?

When writing my story, I envisioned specifically two actors playing two of the characters: Penelope Cruz as Isabella Fusciardi and Johnny Depp as Alex Devlin…

6) Do you have a set writing routine?

No, I can be sitting in a café or on my roof terrace…but as a night owl I find I’m at my most creative sitting at my PC between 10pm and 3am.


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