Family Stories from the Writing and Film Festival

I happened upon WILDsound by chance. After receiving their in depth and genuine feedback…….I knew I had struck more than a mountain of pure gold.

– Winning writer (Family script Cave Kisses) Ingrid Goldberg on the WILDsound experience.

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Watch DIAMOND AND THE FOSTERS: Watch the entire 5 Chapter Novel
by Michael David Weis


Diamond and the fosters is:

More than just a story book. It’s a gift. A gift of words for quiet hearts, yearning for a voice.

It’s a two-fold achievement: On it’s face: a rhyming, rhythmic rendition of comical events. While underneath: a bold and healthy swim into the strong waves of adolescent emotion.

Diamond is a young girl in a very difficult situation. How would you feel if someone picked you up from your house, from your family, and took you to a different house. Gave you a different family, and told you to go ahead and live the rest of your life?

Written in poetic verse, Diamond and the fosters is five fun stories that synthesize to tell the story of a special little girl, the family who loves her, and their simple, stable secrets to building a new life…together.

“Things that we love, we hold very tight. Keeping them safe with all of our might”

– Foster-Mom Cathy

    * * * * *

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