HAMMER Poetry Movie by Cassandra Swan

    Watch the Thriller/Horror POEM turned into a Movie:

    Written by Cassandra Swan

    Produced by Matthew Toffolo

    Edited by Yujin Song

    Music by Andrey Kireyev

Poet Cassandra Swan explains the poem:

This poem was written in 2004 and is part of my first Major Poetry Collection: “TLAZOLTEOTL POEMS & ILLUSTRATIONS” which gained strong critical acclaim from Professors and Honorary Professors as being the best and most electrifying and intriguing Collection in a decade!

The Collection consisted of many diverse and challenging poems with titles such as: “Hitler and The Wayward Shrink” – “Beasts & Men” (a poem about paedophiles in the Church)

“Hammer” is written from the perspective of the murder weapon used by Peter Sutcliffe: “The Yorkshire Ripper” – the most notorious Serial Killer in UK – he claimed the lives of thirteen women we know of here in UK in 1970’s – 1980! I believe he murdered many more!

When I was a Hypnotherapist – about to become a nun in a closed order – I sent a letter to Peter Sutcliffe as an act of Christian kindness; he responded quickly and we corresponded for a year every day sharing our love of Surrealist Art – Poetry – Philosophy and much more!

The story I have to tell is both fascinating and frightening and changed my life forever in ways that led me into arenas I would never have believed possible! The Killer’s psychiatrist said that he had never been as close to anyone in his life as he was to me – I sent him my hypnotherapy tapes and he used them and responded well

My poem “Hammer” was the closest I could get to The Yorkshire Ripper’s crimes – it enabled me to open my heart and moral conscience and I wrote a 300-page book about my intense experiences with The Killer and his designs on me for marriage and our deep and bizarre relationship – which sent me on a strange and completely unexpected 22 year journey – I was very shocked by the amount of privileges a Serial Killer is offered in UK and the system that does not protect correspondents and the fact his pen affairs are curiously encouraged to pass his time of day in Broadmoor Top Security Hospital

I am an Award-winning Poet/Author/Artist/Activist/Medium/Former Hypnotherapist/Model Actress and I am still affected to this day by my experiences and determined to tell my story
of love – rivalry – abuse – corruption – scandal – sex – drugs – poetry and my development
as a Spiritual Medium who is very aware of the victims presence and I campaign on their behalf – giving a voice to the voiceless – to change the system with regard to the correspondence and visiting rights of the most dangerous criminals incarcerated in Prisons and Special Hospitals throughout UK

My Film Pitch for a full length feature film: “SISTER LAZARUS” is available on request by serious Producers only

Contact my Agent: Dr Keith E B Chawgo – Literary Director – Media Bitch Literary Agency

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