Could you exist beyond passion?, Poetry by Ondrea Tye

Genre: Relationship, Drama

Could you exist beyond passion?
by Ondrea Tye

could it be you could exist beyond passion-
perhaps as florid fireworks kaleidoscoped
upon rich velvet devoid of colors?
could you be who you are without feelings
tis yes, if only i could feel inured
from the sun’s rays upon my sweet skin
or I am able to vanquished the air I breathe
or denied my wildest dreams.
tis true, I beg that you pardon my hapless folly
that i’ve become adhesive to your laughter,
alabaster stairs to your creative domain
and succor to memories i wear as my amulet.
Yes, I yearn for those ephemeral moments where
I languish with haunted ecstasy
how you’ve made my insides aflame so easily
i know i cannot burden myself
with intolerable moments without you
only to then dwell upon the feelings
evoked from your hot breath whispering in my ear.
To deny my longing would only mean
that there is no baroque in my heart
or your fragrance searing my senses
or even that now i feel i am audience
to winter cold –a vantage point sensed from a distance.
It is you, after all, who refreshes my longing hundredfold
with kisses deep and pure and caresses to replete my ache for you.
It is you whose embrace splinters my sense of everything
important and yet all is warped into a vortex of you.
How can you fathom how gloriously happy i am for this?
I implore you to touch my heart
and you will know
will truly know.


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