i should’ve looked up for pictures of you on the internet earlier, when you meant nothing, Poetry by Gio Arzamendia

Genre: Internet Poetry, Alt-Lit

i should’ve looked up for pictures of you on the internet earlier, when you
meant nothing by Gio Arzamendia

could we just please go back to that time when things were still normal

say: before going into your bedroom

but mostly before i replied at your text saying that 7pm was ok

so i’d still wouldn’t have a formed opinion about you

based on how ridiculous you looked wearing that hamsa pendant earring

and i could go on spending all nights feeling ok just by being lonely

during our date i lied several times about having to go to the bathroom

simply because i needed to be alone to reaffirm my beliefs

on how dating is not something i enjoy

more than something i need to learn to do

so i’d come back and sit again listening to your boring life stories

that nobody had asked you about

i’d drink a beer after another until nodding would become

simply a mechanical response to anything you were saying

“now it’s your turn”—you said with a listless tone— “what kind of things do you

find amusing”

“death” i’d respond


“yes, death is hilarious”

“i can’t seem to find out how”

whatever. i yawned

and wondered if we were having sex that night

since i was already drunk and bored

and i particularly only have sex with people when i’m drunk or bored so chances

were high

you said “lets go to my house and smoke some weed” and i just nodded with

my eyes closed

the walk we took seemed forever

while i was looking at the metal little hand hanging from your right ear

thinking if i indeed possess a trustworthy sense of aesthetics

By WILDsound Festival

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