THE DRINKING GAME, Poetry by Hanna Abi Akl

GENRE: Drinking, Dark, Depressive

by Hanna Abi Akl

On my own in the emptiness

Of my room

I try to drink my sorrows


A bottle of beer

A day

Can heal

My wounds

And keep the voices at bay

But sometimes

One is not


So I double

The dosage

Triple it; multiply it


Until I finally lose count

And the bottles stack up

Next to me

The barman moves to clear the table

And I raise my falling head

To find I amIn a small, shady bar

Or is it my room? I cannot

Tell them apart

It doesn’t matter


As long as I can tell

The bottles apart

And identify the labels

On each poison

Before I drink it away

In one gulp

And fall back asleep

On the bar table

Or my bedroom desk…

It doesn’t matter

As long as I awaken

Having forgotten

Everything for a while – or, something


And the bottles next to me

Stare at me in numbers

Just to make sure

I was still ableTo read the label

On each and every one

Of them


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