Sneak Peak Film: CASSANDRA, 14min, Fantasy. Playing at this week’s festival screening

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Get to know the Short Film CASSANDRA, 14min, Action/Fantasy, France
Directed by Guy-Roger Duvert


Two thieves infiltrate a besieged medieval city, in order to retrieve an artifact. They thought they had nothing to lose. They were wrong…

Director’s Statement

I am convinced that medieval fantasy films, still a more or less young genre in theaters, will evolve the same way cop movies have evolved in the past. Several decades ago, cop movies were very simplistic, being about good cops against evil gangsters. Then with time, we got more mature stories, with a much blurrier line between good and evil. That has given us amazing movies likes Chinatown, like Heat, like Memento, like LA Confidential…


Until now, most fantasy movies have been often simple and manichean : in order to follow a prophecy and/or to avenge murdered relatives, a very good guy ends up beating a very evil one. Some of these movies are still brilliant (Willow, Lord of the Rings…etc), but, as a spectator, I want to also see other stories. More complex. More human. I am convinced that the public wants the same thing, which explains the huge success of a TV show like Game of Thrones, for instance. And as a director, I want to make movies like this.

Cassandra is what I am trying to do. A medieval fantasy story, without good or evil guys. Just people making choices, often with dramatic consequences.

Cassandra is also a prologue, as I am working now on a long feature film in the same universe, using my film Cassandra to show what I ambition to do.


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