I Stand above, Poetry by Dorita Charles


I Stand above
by Dorita Charles

No matter how many heartaches, or even if it is broken within 1 million pieces.
I Stand Above
It does not matter if one sees ,or heres my cry my tears will dry, I will never fall I will stand tall in every air that I breathe.
I Stand Above
In every task I take or make it will lead not to break, for I am a living tale of myself to live a long joyful life of just being alive.
I Stand Above
Just knowing and believing good things is coming my way, is just a thought from yesterday that I am who I am for what I am.
I Stand Above
You can’t change matter to mind,but you can change mind to matter as I know in my heart I could give myself a penny for all my thoughts I would be the richest woman on earth.
I Stand Above
Your weakness is my strength the ugliness you feel towards me brings out the beauty within me. I forgave yesterday what was once in my heart,today is a new day.
I Stand Above

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