Freak of Nature, Poetry by Felicity Bryant

Genre: Teen Musing, Society, Life

Freak of Nature
by Felicity Bryant

Everyone has a time line. A line that keeps dates memories and choices. In-between these events are the little things we do. For example, the day I washed my own laundry for the first time or the day I got a new plant for our garden. We all have our own events chronology of anything and everything in our life.

Except me. My life line is empty. No events, no accomplishments, nothing. I’m trapped in a black hole that’s never ending. It stretches me till I can’t move. The darkness suffocates me, I can’t breathe. There is nowhere to look, nowhere to go.

I pray every night, asking for forgiveness. The past that I once had haunts me. Though I have no memory of what it was. What did I do to deserve this madness? All I have are my thoughts. They help me get through the day at times. Although most nights I wake up screaming and crying. Those eyes, I never see the body, only it’s red eyes. Then they whisper to me, call me a monster, a freak of nature.

The only energy I’m able to collect is from my anger. Ever so slowly, the dark pit in my soul grows stronger, as my heart sinks deeper. It’s only a matter of time till darkness takes over me… And the sad thing, is that I don’t care. I just want to be awake. I want to see, to learn, to live. Though I fear my dream won’t became a reality only my nightmare. That instead of living, I’ll be destroying.

    * * * * *

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