I Looked Upon Her Face many A Time And I Did But See A Friend Of Mine…, Poetry by Mohammed Islam Butt

Genre: Painful Love

I Looked Upon Her Face many A Time And I Did But See A Friend Of Mine…
by Mohammed Islam Butt

We Talked And Laughed And Laughed And Talked Some More,
Nay Did I Know my Heart Had Other Plans.
Time Went By, Still As Friends But My Heart Was Taking Shape
And That’s When All Hell Broke Out!

Now When I Look Upon Her Face I See More Than a Person,
More Than A Friend,
Almost As A Lover? Perhaps…

I Seek Council And Advice From My Friends
And I Tell Them My Tale
And With Ears As Keen As A Hunting Wolf They Listen and Say

“Your Heart Grows Fond For This Girl
And I We Can See The Pain Of Her Not Knowing, In Those Weary eyes!
Which Brings Us To The Next Point Of Your Lack Of Sleep!
Come My Friend, They Say That The Eyes Are The Agents Of The Heart!
You Speak of This Girl And You Stand Before Us Wearing Visual Aids!
We Mock You, For We Are Jealous,
Of This Rare Beauty That you Have Gazed upon!
So I leave You With This, Time Waits For No Man!
So My Good Friend, Go Forth And Tell The Tale Of Love To This Fair Maiden!”

With That I leave And Ponder On What They Have Told Me
And See The World Pass Me By Slowly
Apart From You,
Because Time has No Power Over Someone As Beautiful As You!

Days Become Weeks, Weeks Become Months And Months Drag On…
The Waiting Is Over I Have Had Enough Time To Wonder and To Debate
And So I Go And See You And See That I Am So In Love With You!

When I Awoke That Day My Heart Was Full Of Promise
And Time Was On My Side All Was Set
Call Forth The Players
Take A Bow, And Let This Pantomime Begin

I Have Been Told When Certain Moments Happen, They Take Place Slowly!
But This Happened With Quite Post Haste!
I Beholder Her Face And Saw The Reason For My Being,
She Was Sitting Alone, But Not For Long Thought I!

We Sat And Talked For Awhile, She Spoke and I Listened
And Gazed In To Her Eyes!
I Could Take No More And Confessed All
And Lord Behold Laid My Soul For Her To Keep!

But Alas, It Was Not Meant To Be!
What She Said Was Muffled Up
Between The Breaking Of My Heart And The Shattering Sound Of My Dreams!
Feeling Alone And Confused
I Try And Walk Away, But Stumble Because The World Is Spinning!

Why do My Head And Heart Hurt So!
Rejected And Feeling A Big Flop!
I Find Comfort In The Shadows And Darkness!
I Ponder What Will Happen If I let The Darkness Take Me
And Forever Let My Heart Rest!
I Guess This Is The Test That I Have Failed At Best!
Won’t I Ever Be Fully At Rest!
On The Table Shiny Razor Blade, A 6ft Of Rope
And A Bottle With A Skull And Two Bones Crossing!
Taking One Of These Will Complete My Passing To The Darkness!
As The Blood Trickles Down My Wrists,
The Poison Burns My Already Empty Heart
And The Noose Hangs Around My Neck
And The Darkness Welcomes Me,
I Finally Feel Free And At Rest!
But Then I See Your Face!
Like An Angel Of Mercy You Grant Me Eternal Rest!
Good Bye!
The Chair Tumbles
And The Rest Is History!

    * * * * *

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