Safekey First, Poetry by Barry Fairweather

Genre: Anger and Frustration.

Safekey First
by Barry Fairweather

I’ve never been quite so frustrated
The search was relentless you see
I found myself pacing the length of my home
It seemed I had misplaced a key.

To make matters worse I was cranky
I was dizzy, light headed and more
I needed to find in a flash for the cash
The safe key that opened the door.

My anger turned into soft sobbing
Banging my head on the wall
The misfortune was too much to handle
The tears were not helping at all.

The moral, dear reader is simple
A safe is no use with no key
I think that a good combination
Is a lock with a dial, then you’re free.

Free to not pull all your hair out
Free to drink chamomile tea
For the stress isn’t best, puts your patience to test.
In the case of the missing safe key.

    * * * * *

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