Highlights from the October 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival

Highlights from the Thursday October 29 2015 event.

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The theme of the OCTOBER 2015 FILM FESTIVAL was:

Every film showcased on the night was about a character who dies or is already dead. This festival evening was especially unique because every film screened received a substantial vote by the audience for “best film” of the evening. It was the closest vote we ever had as every single film was in the race.

Here’s the summary of each film:

– A PEACEFUL MAN: Someone is about to die but won’t leave without a fight.

– BELL TOWER ENIGMA: The mystery of an empty church. Where are they and who is still alive?

– THE BLOOD OF LOVE: A widow has a machine that brings her dead husband back to life. All she needs is blood!

– REDEMPTION: A prison thriller about a man looking for forgiveness with a plot twist about to do him in.

– BOUDOIR: A sexy photo shoot gone bad with the photographer is tortured by her client.

– HAMMER: A horror poem movie where the serial killer’s weapon is the main character.

– THE LITTLE MISSUS: A house wife seeks revenge on her cheating husband.

– SUBMERGED: A submariner’s crewmates have all disappeared leaving him alone on the submarine.

It’s a new beginning to the FEEDBACK Film Festival at the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada, as great things are coming in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. .

Take a look at the Audience Feedback Videos from our NEW Film Festival. Some of the best short films in the world today were showcased.



Best Overall Performances: Actors from SUBMERGED

Best Cinematography: A PEACEFUL MAN

Best Music: Original Score from SUBMERGED

By WILDsound Festival

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