Voice of Addiction, Poetry by Chantelle Cherie Cox

Genre: Life/Addiction

Voice of Addiction
by Chantelle Cherie Cox

Well, it’s nice to finally meet you.
I’ve been waiting for your call.
I’ve noticed youve been crying,
and ive watched you pace the halls

Whatever has been hurting you, I can make it disappear.
You know you have nothing to lose, nothing to live for,
nothing to fear.

Thank you, for your invention. I’ll be sure not to leave your side. Well become very fast acquainted. My naive child, theres no use trying to hide.

I should probably introduce myself. I am your very own addiction. But, you can not be angry with me. I am your own self-conviction.

I bet you feel rather stupid, falling right into my lap. I’m a master at manipulation. Youll never escape my trap. How does it feel to dance with the devil? For he and I are one in the same. God, has completley abandoned you, so you might as well stay in the game.

Are you honestly going to try and beat me? A useless battle if you want to know. Go a head and make an attempt. Besides, I’m in the mood for a good show.

I guess you think your special. But your not you cant hold your sobriety long enough. I’m still around every corner, In the back of your mind. I’m your greatest fear.

I’ll always be your dirty little secret. I won’t disappear a visious cycle, that’s what your thinking. I’m satans weapon of mass destruction, and a silent killer of Americas youth.

It’s genius when you think of it, but what you don’t realize, is everyday drugs will walk through your front door right before your very eyes.

* * * * * *
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