The Problem With Lester, Poetry by Damian Christopher

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Genre: New Goth

The Problem With Lester
by Damian Christopher

It was clear Lester was an old fool
Perusing that which is Delphic
In vain attempts
To seek divine forgiveness
For a sweet tooth for sin
And maladies of every nature
Only to give invitation to fear
And impercievable things
He will never know
Nor comprehend

The fool,
Blind to his folly
In pursuance of the impish and profane
In time, discovers their true associations
And maledictory nature
Injurious and virulent
He is soon bedeviled
To an eternity of futile pursuits
And a congregation of shame

The fool,
Mute to the whispers of the trees
Cries of the wind
And counsel of wild things
Wages wisdom for lunacy
Peculiarly, the selfish loon
For his vessel is perverse
Habitual in enduring disgrace
And he is forever weary

The fool,
His fate, kismet quelled
For there are those
That lay eyes upon us

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