Sing Anew, O Freedom, Poetry by Jonathan Baltzly

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Genre: Rhyme, Political, People, Society

Sing Anew, O Freedom
by Jonathan Baltzly O, hark! Let Freedom sing Of times anew, times to be Of days forgotten, days lost O, see her embark, taking wing Flying upon all that lives “Joy!” She exclaims! Dark clouds near, now disappear Light shines in heaven Let the earth be illuminated! Freedom and Justice, her friend Liberty her companion And more gather in the skies To sing a new, yet familiar tune. She is not satisfied, For Mankind has abandoned Truth, Her closest confidant. O, hark! She sheds tears as diamonds. Joy continues to be silent to her cry Happiness left the land long ago, But has promised to return. “O, Love! You abound in hearts and minds Perhaps Hope will heal Mankind.” She sighs again, with Liberty at her side Patience shows her face; She is followed by Grace, And finally Strength, The legend…

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