HARSHA SAI, Poetry by Harsha Madhu

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Genre : LIFE

HARSHA SAI by Harsha Madhu

Silence amongst the gushing waves

Deep inside, another world moves

While the time stands still. Stakes

Forgotten and bubbles rise. Caves

Of shipwreck and invisible sun rays

Guiding into a blue green abyss.

Away from the tins, the fins arise

Fighting the current. We be wise

To look further, never close eyes

Cause life dances without disguise.

Hear every breath as you realize

You are alive, away from wild goose chase

Towards the land below ground. Ways

Converge as grief vanishes with days.

Time rests while sea hugs the rocks

Like inseparable lovers, together always.

Tall and clinging are the coconut trees

From the hillock and his wives.

Small are the words to describe this.

Infinite are my thoughts to channelize

Wind tells me to open my  ears

While She sings to celebrate the ease

Of loving and living. A rhyme so…

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