Feature Film Pitch: Disaster George, by Andy Leonard


ACTORTitle: Disaster George

Written by: Andy Leonard

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Logline: A delirious comedy about love, grief and growing up a little late.

George has trouble figuring out if the joke filled scenes in his head are his real life, or if his experiences as a failed theatre actor are his imaginations. Suffering from flashbacks of an accident a few years before, George tries to live his life as normal but strange interactions with people often turn into quirky hallucinations which snap back into reality, leaving him to wonder why his life isn’t on the track he is told it should be on.

George is a loveable floater. He cannot understand why no one takes his partner, successful businessman Tom, seriously. George is a struggling theatre actor in a fringe theatre production of a new play, ‘Cheese Death Lullaby’. George is surrounded by ridiculous theatrical characters, all on the brink of lunacy or their big break. Tom has insisted that George contribute to their household more and that he take a part time corporate sales job in a start up technology company, a fake and meaningless world which George finds infuriating as he deals with the likes of a deranged and money hungry CEO, David De Lupo.

George’s mother Luciana, apparently oblivious of George’s relationship with Tom, comes up with the idea that he should go on a blind date with her hairdresser’s friend, Matt, an idea which George shakes off as an insult.

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