Interview with Filmmaker Mariana Conde (C.T.R.L.)

WILDsound Festival

We were a little nervous and excited; it felt like we were secretly spying on the audience, like a fly on the wall!…..Hearing C.T.R.L being described as simultaneously fun, playful and slightly uncomfortable to watch is fantastic. That is exactly what we were aiming for, so that whilst entertaining we could raise awareness to issues that are relevant to our society and important to us. Ultimately, we loved the debate it spawned on technology, social media and privacy issues, the underlying theme of C.T.R.L.
– Director Mariana Conde on the WILDsound experience (Review)

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video for the Short Film C.T.R.L.:

Matthew Toffolo interviews Filmmaker Mariana Conde:

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

Mariana: My partner Stu is a web developer and is really into a games. We’re a competitive couple and test new concepts by pitching them to each other. When he came up with…

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