Needed Space!, Poetry by Lorraine Ferns

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Society, Angst, Life, Time Out, Own Space, Need

Needed Space!
by Lorraine Ferns

Slumped on to the chair
padded back, arms
supporting the moment.

Leaning forward, brows furrowed
the concentrated look
but nothing…

No answer, no internal

The problem was deep
perhaps, exaggerated
or riled up by words.

Others….their statements
their truths, that hurt
unabashed untruths.

Strings entwined, like
snakes slithering and coiling
flick of the tongue
a searing moment
burning deep.

Leaning back, exhaling
hands settled on calm arms
of wood, fabric, springs, joints.

Quietness, birds chirping
their dialogue of life
people pass by, as slumber
with thoughts of


* * * * *
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